Zeke O'Donnell


On collaboration:
In most cases films are a communal art form.  Everyone brings a little something to the table and you make a creative baby who may have turned out a little different if any member of the team was replaced.  Aw, look, he's got your eyes!

Inspiration/When i knew I wanted to be an editor:
Playing with a camera is something I've really enjoyed doing since I was young.  I remember the first time my friend and I tried to put together an action sequence by cutting in-camera.  If we didn't stop the camera at the perfect moment and then start recording the next shot right  as action started, the sequence would be ruined and we'd have to rewind the VHS and start the sequence over.  When it finally was working, I was elated and got this sort of runners high. I get really excited when I put the pieces together and they're really working.

What I'm doing when not editing:
I have three exuberant children who rely on me to be a sturdy ladder to climb upon.

3 words to describe myself and 3 words that others might use:
Three words I'd use: you sexy devil.  Others: that strange man