Heather Danosky


Inspiration/When I knew I wanted to be an editor:
I liked writing poems and stories when I was young and growing up. I thought I would be a journalist but got pretty bored with it. When I got to film school and discovered editing I realized that I could speak that language. It just clicked.

My nickname and origin:
I have a twin sister named Heidi. There is a novel that was written in 1880 about a young girl called Heidi who moved to the mountains to live with her grumpy grandfather. Then a movie in the 30's staring, cute as a button, Shirley Temple. And probably about 20 other versions exist.  Heather is a flower. So my mom always used to say "Heidi is where Heather grows."

Favorite place to hang:
Upstate. Preferably by a body of water in the summer or a fire in the winter.